Almost everyone loves to be treated well, but then there are some of those who want to be treated royalty. Even astrology has a few signs that expect royalty-like treatment all the time. These signs are the most self-centered, and they want nothing else but to be treated the right way. The signs that we are going to talk about love to get attention, and they enjoy receiving materialistic gifts as well. So, let’s find out who these signs are. 


Taurus is a zodiac sign that is ruled by Venus, which is the planet of money, beauty, and love. This sign appreciates the finer things in life. Taurus are very hard-working, and they love to be pampered by materialistic things. This is how their senses get stimulated. Because they are hard-working, they love to get pampered and soil themselves. Taurus enjoys a nice and relaxing massage. They have good taste in wine, music, and anything good and tempting, that’s why they like a good home-cooked meal. 

Taurus wants comfort and pleasure in their lives, and they want to be treated royally. Along with that, they also want to be admired. Since Taurus is born pampered, there is a huge chance that their partner is going to get spoiled as well. Taurus can also be considered selfish at times, but if you get to know them properly, you will understand that they are committed and persistent creatures. 


Gemini is often considered to be two-faced. Someone with a twin symbol will undoubtedly want to spoil you and be spoiled as well. If you fall in love with a Gemini, you will notice that they leave no stone unturned to spoil you with lots of gifts. They cook a delicious meal for their loved ones; they buy them expensive gifts and roll out the red carpet for their partner. Gemini is good at treating love and affection, and they always want to bring joy to everyone’s lives.

Having said that, Gemini is a real kid at heart. They want to be spoiled as much as they love to spoil others. Usually, it is the Gemini that will cook for you, but they also expect to receive some love from the people they rely on. They love it when you prepare breakfast for them once a while and let them on the bed. Gemini feels that they deserved to be loved more than anyone else. However, these people tend to get bored very easily. Therefore, you will have to make sure to keep them entertained. 


Leo, we know you are stubborn, and you are strong-headed. You do everything to ensure that you are living a good life. You are incredibly hard-working, and you are the king of the jungle. Leo feels that they are born to be royal and spoiled. They want to be worshipped. Leos don’t just want to be shown with luxury gifts and compliments, but they also want to be treated with royalty. That’s what they are truly looking for. Leos are good with manipulation as well. 

Leos are bossy, and they love to be the center of attention. For Leos, nothing else matters than respect and admiration. And they want to be continuously reminded that they are beautiful, smart, and also very talented. This sign wants to be felt special, and they always want to be in the spotlight. 


Libra is very charming. They love companionship and always looking for someone to be with. They know how to please someone, and also how to take care of them. Because they know how to take care of others, they also want to feel the same. They want to be spoiled, and to be precise, wish to be treated like royalty. Libras enjoy the finer things in life, just like Taurus does. And somehow, they feel that they deserve that kind of nobility in life. They love to spend time in a five-star hotel, and designer clothes are their absolute favourite. 

Libras want to have someone in their life that will take care of them well. Libras are hard to read. So, it is up to you how you would like to treat them, and what gifts to buy. 


The last star sign that likes to receive royal treatment is Pieces. Pieces are very sentimental. They are empathetic, and they are very kind and giving. If you are low, and you want to be with someone, Pieces are the ones that you need to visit and go to. A sign so dreamy, lovable, and caring will undoubtedly want to be treated well as well. This is why Pieces becomes the last sign that wants to be treated royally. If you are with a Pieces, they will expect to receive a lot of love, gifts, and bread and breakfast served on the bed. 

But, don’t mistake them to be self-centered. These creatures are loving, so if you are treating them royally, they will make sure to say thanks to you. They are always grateful to those who spoil them. If you are treating Pieces in a certain way, they will make sure to treat you the same. 

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