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General Characteristic Aquarius

Constructive Qualities of Aquarius : Truthfulness, Just, Curious, Affectionate Personality, Frank and Imaginative. Negative Qualities of Aquarius : Unpredictable, Detachment, Tendency to go off course, and Inefficiency.They are clever, sharp, philanthropic, innovative, unique, willful, savvy, and dependable and have certain fixed standards throughout their life. The Aquarius-conceived individuals are philanthropic people profoundly. They are a dynamic and present day part. Tolerant and inventive, they are the genuine truth-searchers. Being tender and well disposed naturally, the Aquarius-brought into the world are appealing and mainstream. In any case, their straightforwardness can cut the two different ways. Inside cutoff points it tends to be a constructive quality, however when it verges on the inhumane, it can truly hurt individuals and estrange them from their companions and friends and family. Moreover, as they don’t open up sincerely too early, relatively few individuals can identify with them. Along these lines, however they may have numerous companions, relatively few of them will be dear companions. Being unusual is another negative quality that neutralizes them. They have sound point of view and its issues. Intrigued by every dynamic thing, held, gauges everything before executes or watches and holds up till others execute. Alert, tolerance, fixation, studiousness never leave him. Their discussion is continually intriguing, clear demeanor, respected by all. Kind, partial to learning and rouses respectable musings. Love of nature, kind attitude.

Steady in kinship, solid in different preferences. Love for isolation. They create instinct and motivation. Intrigued by profound reflection and focus. retentive memory, examine on logical lines. Works for the normal and the down trodden. Generally speaking, it very well may be presumed that the Aquarius perform at their level best when their interests give them the degree to communicate their splendid memory, imagination, information, insight, love for opportunity and work for philanthropic causes. Vocations in the fields of Science, Sociology, Biology, Astrology, Radiology, Engineering, Politics, Social Work, and so on are fitting for the Aquarius-conceived. Procure cash through present day hardware, speculations and disclosures, intrigued by specialized training. Affection for home. Inclinations for similarly keen and taught accomplice independent old enough. Home all around outfitted having assortment of collectibles oversaw in present day style. Try not to offer articulation to their affection. On the off chance that darlings are energetic, they won’t be fulfilled as Aquarian’s may have all the earmarks of being cold. Success from the ages of 22 to 40.

Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man can often live inside his own mind, so he needs a companion to talk about the progressive thoughts he creates. So, if you want to seduce him, you should be friends first. Most of their romances tend to start out as friendships which gradually evolve into something more serious. This means that the Aquarius men will never enter into a romantic relationship with someone who isn’t already a friend. Be patient and keep things on a platonic basis until you’re ready to make your first big move. Respect his need for freedom, his individuality, and his desire to make a difference in the world.

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius personality is independent, mysterious, free-spirited and eccentric. Aquarius women have a unique sense of humour and a practical outlook in life. However, inconsistency is a constant problem for women born under the Aquarius zodiac sign.

Meet Your Matches




Worry from your work or different everyday issues are probably going to influence the agreement in your relationship. Little issues may accept messed up significance today. This can prompt a significant difference about a minor issue in your relationship. In the event that you are single, plan some loosening up exercises without anyone else. The day isn't good for correspondence as there are odds of being misjudged.




A change is demonstrated in the vocation front. You may change occupations or be moved starting with one division then onto the next in your office. You are going to like the new circumstance and it will introduce open doors for you which you have for quite some time been looking for. In this way, you have to make the most of the open doors that go over your way.




You are charged sincerely like never before! You should accept this as an open door to communicate your adoration and care to each one you go over. Be that as it may, before you can do this you should contemplate and channelize your latent capacity. Anyway you can likewise decided to deplete this vitality in the event that you are in the mind-set to practice in overabundance.

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