Netflix series Stranger Things became an instant hit soon after its release. This horror/sci-fi TV series had a very different theme, and it made billions and billions of people fans. However, there was one more series that received double the attention than Stranger Things, and that was Netflix's Dark. Dark is about time traveling and exploring its vivid mystery. The saddest part is that fans soon started comparing these two TV series, but the thing is they are so different from one another.

If you are a fan of Dark, then this astrology article is for you because today, we are going to talk about which dark character is you based on your zodiac sign. This is going to be very interesting, and we want you to read each of the descriptions carefully to find out if the character fits your personality.


Aries are head-strong. They are impulsive, impatient, and also very short-tempered. This is why your zodiac sign matches with Ulrich Nielsen. After his son disappeared, Ulrich didn't stop looking for him in the cave. Even if it was risky, he took the step. Ulrich is unstoppable, strong, resentful, and rebellious, but at the same time, Ulrich is very caring and loving. When triggered, this character becomes reckless, and he doesn't think about the consequences. He does what he feels like.


Taurus, as we all know, is hard-working. Taurus doesn't quit no matter what. Egon Tiedemann, according to us, suits your zodiac. Egon is a retired policeman, and he is deeply intrigued by the mysterious of two young boys. He wants to know the truth, and he is not going to quit until he finds out what happened to them. When it comes to looking for answers, Egon is going for it. Egon is also very calm, patient, loyal towards everyone, and it seems like his character was written, keeping in mind the characteristics of a Taurus.


Gemini, you know that you are restless, energetic, and very smart. Just like Charlotte Doppler, she is the chief of Winden Police. Gemini is goal-oriented; she is also very authoritative. Just like the chief of Winden Police. Charlotte is a problem solver, she is committed to her goals, and she is a go-getter. The first impression of Charlotte is someone she is very cold, introverted, and it feels like she has a complex personality. Well, Gemini comes across as someone like Charlotte. If you are any of the characters of Dark, you have to be Charlotte Doppler.


Jonas Kahnwald, who is the main protagonist of Dark, has all the characteristics of a Cancer. Jonas is caring, compassionate, and very emotional. He understands everything that is going on in his life and everything around him. He tries to save all of his closest ones. That's why he travels from one time period to another. He accepts all the challenges and doesn't think about his safety. Jonas is introverted; he is quiet and very understanding. All the traits of Cancer.


Just like Leo, Agnes Neilsen portrays the character of a person who loves to be the center of attention. She also likes to be adored. Agnes is the mother of Claudia and Tronte, and sister of Noah. If you take a look at her character, you will see that she always makes plans beforehand. She likes to do things her way. Leos can be very ruthless at times as well, and Agnes proved that by shooting point-blank at Noah, who was her brother.


Virgos are patient, analytical, and they are quite emotional as well. One character that reflects all the characteristics of a Virgo is Adam, who is the leader of Sic Mundus. Throughout the season, we understood that he is committed to his goals. Adam has all the similar characteristics of Virgo, and that's why we feel Virgo's Dark character is Adam.


Have you noticed Claudia Tiedemann's characteristics? Don't you think she has a lot of common traits of Libra? Claudia is the primary opponent of Sic Mundus, and she is peaceful, balanced, and is focused on keeping the harmony intact. Libras are considered to be balanced; however, Claudia is decisive. She always makes decisions in a rush and doesn't perform well when she is under pressure.


Scorpio's character is perfectly depicted by Noah, who is a mysterious priest and is heavily influenced by all the events that happen in his life. Scorpios always try to justify their actions, just like Noah. Noah believes that whatever he is doing is because of the greater good. He uses time travel to control, and re-arrange all the events in his life to escape from the cycle of suffering.


Sagittarius is rebellious, and he loves his freedom, just like Elisabeth Doppler, who is the daughter of Charlotte and Peter. She is a true rebel. She has survived the apocalypse, and she is also the leader of a group of survivors. Sagittarius is confident and extroverted, and Elisabeth is the same too. Although deaf, she doesn't let anything get on her way.


Capricorn, as we all know, is goal-oriented, and if you have paid attention to the director of the Winden Nuclear Power Plant, you will notice that he is a true Capricorn. Aleksander is the person behind the Winden Nuclear Power Plant. He is confident and serious. Although, a caring husband to Regina, this businessman has a goal to achieve. And that is to be successful.


Aquarius is innovative, and what role can be better for an Aquarius than H.G Tannhaus. He is a clockmaker in the city of Widnen. He has also written the book "A Journey Through Time." He is interested in the surreal reality of the world that no one else can even imagine. He is visionary, wants to do something for the world, and smart.


Pieces are lost, and they are confused. They are sentimental too, and dreamy. Helge Doppler plays the typical character of Pieces. He has been an unfortunate child and was bullied by Ulrich Nielsen. He travels to 1986 and meets with Ulrich to teach him a lesson. In fact, Helge also helps Noah in kidnapping kids to experiment on them. Although it is not correct, wrong steps are expected from Pieces because they are bewildered and gullible.

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