Different Branches of Astrology

Everyone is curious to know about their future. People want to know about tomorrow and everything that will happen in the future. The zeal to know about the outcome of the future has been going on since time immemorial. Take a look at scientists of today; they are coming up with new technology to identify future calamities, such as floods, droughts, and even earthquakes. However, astrology is the only science that can tell you about the long term forecast efficiently. If you have an interest in astrology, then now is the time to know more about the several branches of astrology. We will talk about the different branches, the basis of studying astrology, and also what are the benefits of studying astrology. 

Astrology in Sanskrit is Jyotish and is an essential part of science, which was developed by our ancestors. The Hindus have given utmost importance to the study of Jyotish, and have even considered it to be Vedanga, which is the limb of Vedas. In India, astrology is considered to be auspicious, and people take guidance from astrology to sow seeds, construct a new building or bridge, before undertaking a new assignment, and even to select a bridegroom or a bride. People have been taking astrological advice for a long time. In the past, vaidyas, Ayurvedic doctors, used to take the help of astrology to understand a patient before going ahead with offering them medical treatments. This process is known as grahachikitsa, meaning diagnosis through horoscope. 

Here are the branches of astrology. 

Siddhanta (Astronomy).

Samhita (Mundane astrology).

Ganitha (Mathematical Astrology).

The above-mentioned three branches can be further divided into the following branches.

  1. Hora: Hora is predictive astrology. The sub-branches of Hora are jaatak Sastra or Hora Sastra, meaning prediction based on a person’s individual horoscope. 
  2. Muhurtha: Muhurtha is electional astrology. Through this astrology, one selects an auspicious time to initiate any type of activity, so that they can reap the maximum positive outcomes. 
  3. Swara Sastra: Swara Sastra is phonetical astrology. This prediction is made based on names and sounds. 
  4. Ankjyotishna: Ankjyotishna is numerology, meaning predictions based on numbers. 
  5. Naadi astrology: This gives you a detailed prediction. This is for individuals. 
  6. Jaimini Sutras: This is rather a non-convention prediction which is done based on timings of certain events. This one is based on the very famous Acharya Jaimini Indian astrologer. 
  7. Nastajaatakam: Nastajaatakam is lost horoscope which is done to trace lost horoscopes, and construct a new one based on that. 
  8. Streejaatakam: This one is a female horoscope, and is a very special branch of astrology done to deal with female nativities.
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