Have you ever thought about the perfect woman who will be the right choice for you? Have you ever considered astrology to help you find your ideal match? Well, we have the top three women that you can consider to marry. Just because we are talking about the three of them, doesn’t mean the rest of them don’t have any chance. It’s just that these three make a better companion. If you are planning to get hitched, you may want to consider these three zodiac signs. Don’t forget to compare your natal chart with the women of these three signs to make sure that you are choosing the right partner.


Cancer is very caring, and she is not afraid to show her affection towards you. On top of everything, what matters the most to Cancer is the happiness of others. This means that she will think about your happiness first all the time. She makes sure that her partner is happy with her. If you are lucky enough and found a Cancer as a partner, better not to let her go, you know she will go the extra mile for you.

However, there are many chances to have some emotional drama in your relationship, mainly because she prioritizes your happiness first. If she doesn’t feel loved enough, she might have an emotional outbreak. Whether it is a big fight or small, she will make it a big deal.

But this is the only negative trait a Cancer has, and the amount of love she has to give takes away her negative characteristics. She will be the perfect homemaker who loves to decorate her house. She will take care of what you like to eat, and how you want to live. All in all, she will look after you. And in terms of kids, yet again, she will concentrate on her children more than anything. She is someone who knows how to love, and all she is looking for is an honest husband.


In case, you are thinking of marrying an Aries woman, then hold on tight, because Aries woman will be all in for serious dedication. Aries is goal-driven, and she is stubborn and hard-headed. Aries woman will want you to be supportive. If you have found one, then you have found a sincere partner.

But Aries woman will want you to keep things interesting. Aries is also very down to earth, and she expects everything around her to be like that. This is why Aries is quite successful in life, and she will also make sure to help you and support you.

Aries mothers are very strict; she will want the only perfection from their kids. You will find that Aries mothers raise successful leaders of tomorrow. If you are seeing someone already, then don’t forget that she is looking for someone with a stable personality.


Leo is a strong-headed woman, and she will not take a no for an answer. She can be blunt, straightforward, and harsh. This is why a Leo woman needs an equally strong man who can handle her well. Leo woman is very charming, and her enigmatic independent personality often draws people towards her, especially men.

Even though a Leo woman can become challenging, you will never find another person as loyal as she. Leo understands the meaning of true love, and she is always dedicated to her commitment. But, you will have to handle her cautiously, as she is fiery.

Leo is the perfect example of hunting lioness who knows how to fight for her children. And she will stand strong for her whole family. She will make sure to protect them. Leo woman has a huge heart, and she will care for you if you care for her.

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